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Luch: The Lost Book

I am always adventurous when comes to collecting Pre / Post Soviet timepieces, as most of collectors in the circle are aware of, nothing can be 100% certain when comes to this interesting hobby.

Apart from my main interest in 3 sub collections (SAE, Space, Railroad), I always love to hunt for something that is out of norm or so called quirky. Let me introduce you to this tiny little book, which you can only read one thing and one thing only, the time.

Holding it with two fingers to give the perception of the book size
 The front cover design "lady with crown"
 Opening up the cover reveals simple and clean lady clock design

 The book seems to be quite thick ;)

The back cover design
When I first landed this little book on my hand, I am not really sure if it is genuine, the purchase was more of gut feelings and preference (like it buy it), but I able to find out the forum post from previous owner later, where he mentioned that the small clock can be found in the catalog -


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