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Pobeda Red 12: Analog Digital 31381

The Pobeda Red 12 that released in 1945 to celebrate the victory of World War 2, is a legend in Soviet Horology.

Fast forward to today, there are so many watches made with Red 12 on top of dial by different watch factories in Soviet Union / Russia, but this time I want to introduce a lesser known watch, one with analog digital design during 80s. The watch is designed with simplistic mindset, easy time reading and running with 31381 module.

Enough talking and lets start the photo tour instead -

Functionality wise, 31381 module is known to be similar to Elektronika 59. The setting of the watch is straight forward. The top left button to set date and time, the bottom left button to start timer (chrono function). This great watch also beeps every hour which notifies you another hour has passed. The watch design has that vintage look of 80s digital watch, and feel nostalgia when wearing on wrist.

For more information about the technical specification of this watch, it can be found here -


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