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Raketa: 2628.H WorldTime For Red Army

The Raketa WorldTime is a very popular model among Russian Watches collectors, it is big in term of case size, and telling time of different cities when it is set correctly by twisting the bezel to your location. The following images about Raketa WorldTime can be found in the catalogs (as early as year 1975).

What I am sharing this time is very unusual Raketa WorldTime, which has red color bezel instead of  commonly found black color bezel. It has red dial too, which makes it a red timepiece. The red color is always known to be prominent color during USSR period.

So far I can't find another piece that is similar to this, and who knows we may see bezel with other colors as well. One of the known piece is unique golden bezel with interesting hour indicator that owned by another collector - Koutouzoff which you can find here -

Enjoy and may the watch be with you ;)

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