Collective Info: PW25 Symbol?

If you ever see this Pickaxe + Hammer symbol/logo on the USSR watches and wonder what it is just like I did, there you go ;)

The word PW is not English but Polish. PW = Przemysł węglowy in Polish Language, which basically means Coal Industry.

Digging further about Poland Coal Industry, this interesting link is found -

One of the description caught my eyes -

Jubilee Decoration for Longevity in Mining Industry

(Odznaka jubileuszowa Za Dlugoletnia Prace w Gornictwie)
Instituted on November 13, 1954. Conferred in three grades (gilt, silver and bronze) for 50, 35 and 25 years of continuous work in mining industry. The decoration is worn on the right side of chest.

Bronze medal for 25 years of service in coal mining industry (notice the same logo on top)

The PW 25 would mean the watch is special issue to the employees who worked in Poland coal mining industry for 25 years.

If we look at the history of Poland watchmaking, there's relation between Poland and USSR of which they actually imported USSR watches mechanisms for their brand - Blonie for example.

I am learning and if any of you have other thoughts or information to share with me, feel free to do so, and correct me if I am wrong.

Cheers ;)

P/S: The watch above is not mine, I am always collecting USSR watches photos as data sampling which helps me to solve USSR watches puzzle.


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