Boctok: 60 Years Of TASSR - The Civilian Sadko?

I have recently acquired a Boctok with very unique case. The design of the case reminds me one of USSR holy grail - Slava Sadko which was released around 1977-80 (Estimation based on the Slava catalog). If you do not know about Slava Sadko, this is how it looks like -

While I would love to get the Slava Sadko, I can only dream or if I hit the jackpot ;)

Anyhow time to reveal the Boctok watch, there you go -

When I first bought this watch, I am not sure if it is genuine or a make up, it is installed with common caliber - 2414A that you can find in many Boctok watches (what triggered me to buy this watch is the bullhead style case that is very similar to the Slava Sadko).

After I have gotten the watch with me, I have more confident that this watch is most likely genuine, based on the following observations -

- Boctok/Vostok produced bold watch case during 70s/80s (though not the same as this watch but some has similar look)
- The second indicator scale is actually not printed on the dial, but on the inner ring of case instead
- The second indicator scale aligns with hour indicator correctly
- The second indicators in red color seem to be going along very well with the red second hand
- The crown is not on 15 minute position, but at 17 minute position instead
- The case and dial seems to be aging together
- The back case inscription does tell the production year - 1980 (luckily), that basically means this watch was released around the time Slava Sadko, Sekonda / Poljot bullhead pocket watch were released,  and this could be the reason why they all have identical case design.

As for the inscription on the back case -

60 лет Татарской АССР 1980 = 60 years of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic 1980

Again you can actually find other related stuffs that were made for this special occasion -

So I can only make assumption that this Boctok watch with bullhead case design was made for 60 years of TASSR in year 1980, until I can do further verification if I can find same watch to compare with. To give you the idea of how the watch looks like from different angles, I added more photos below -

I had a discussion with Dashiell about this watch and he told me this should be called as "Civilian Sadko" ;)

Cheers and happy hunting!!!!!


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