Pobeda: 850 Years Of Vladimir (1108-1958)

I have recently caught this Pobeda with interesting dial - владимир 850 лет, which basically means 850 Years Of Vladimir.

If you look closely at 6 o'clock position it has this word - Вмр. Having discussion with a friend from Russia, we figure out that it is most likely the abbreviation for Владимир.

Вмр = VMR
Владимир = VLADIMIR

Here are some of general information about this city -

In 1958, the 850th anniversary of the city foundation was celebrated, with many monuments from the celebrations adorning the city.

Lets look at what is inside the watch instead -

I am expecting that the movement would have year of production in 1958, but then when the back cover is disclosed, the movement is made in 4th quarter of 1955 (4-55). I can't be sure if the factory installed the movement that was produced in year 1955 on this watch, or was the movement replaced, guess I will just keep it as it is since I have no solid reason to change it. 

If we believe the source from Netgrafik.ch, this watch is made in Second Moscow Watch factory (Slava), the caliber with this marking ends at 1958 though.

Again I am always looking for related information about the historical event, and there you go -

And the stamps as usual -

If you have more information about this watch, feel free to let me know.

Cheers ;)


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