RAKETA: 24H Atomic IceBreaker "Soviet Union"

This is not my watch, but the photo from one of collector in watch.ru. The reason I am sharing here because it is not often seen. At first glance it is very similar to the 24h watch issued to participants of IceBreaker "Siberia" but it is not.

This watch is made for Atomic IceBreaker "Soviet Union". Depicted from the dial -

1991 Атомный ледокол советский союз - 1991 Nuclear icebreaker Soviet Union

СП (Северный полюс) - North Pole Polar Station

In 1991, 1992, 1997 and 1998 the "Soviet Union" served for Arctic tourism. During the transpolar cruise, from July 27 to August 16, 1991, 5 automatic meteorological ice stations (No. 20, 21, 23, 18, 26) and one American meteorological buoy No. ID7058 were installed on the drift ice. Installation methods - the transfer of stations from the icebreaker to the selected ice floe or the delivery of stations to the drifting ice floe by the helicopter of the icebreaker.

For more significant information, you can find it at -

Nuclear IceBreaker Soviet Union

Polar Station

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