Raketa VS Zim: The Quirky Lug

Raketa 1967 Catalog

Raketa 1967 Catalog

Pobeda 1987 Catalog

Pobeda 1987 Catalog

I started this post by showing the images from the catalog, of which the watches having very unique and quirky lug design that you may not see in any other watches at all. I first came to know about watches with this kind of lug design from Pobeda Zim (I bought one with Rocket dial below), since then I think it is the design of 80s by Pobeda Zim.

However Dashiell told me there's one interesting watch on sales in the Fleabay, and when I checked it out, I was surprised the Raketa has same lug design as Pobeda Zim. So could it be a Frankenstein or I was wrong that this type of lug design was initially designed by Raketa instead of Pobeda Zim?

I pulled the trigger and bought the watch because I have never seen any Raketa watches with this type of lug on sales before (which basically means it is rare).

Now having both Raketa (left) and Pobeda Zim (right) watches sitting side by side, I can make a better comparison and evaluation. I put up the photos here for readers to "See it for yourself"

Both of them look the same in term of lug design at first glance, however if you look closely, you may notice the subtle differences -

1. Overall Raketa case is more rounded and Pobeda Zim case is more of oval shape
2. Raketa lug design is more edgy, whereby Pobeda Zim lug is more curvy
3. Pobeda Zim case and lug are thicker than Raketa

It looks to me the Pobeda Zim lug design is like "improved version of Raketa" and I can understand why Raketa didn't produce watches with this kind of design as much, I would say the lug is easily broken on Raketa if not being handled with care because of very thin lug. On top of that, the curvy design of Pobeda Zim makes it more comfortable to wear on wrist (at least to me).

I am not big fan for this kind of lug design, however it is great to know the origin design of such quirky lug!

Cheers ;)


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