Elektronika 1 Pulsar: Factory Casing

Soviet made some interesting electronic watches and instead of reiterate the information, I suggest you to read more about the history at -

The image below shows the look of Elektronika 1 - Pulsar, Moscow from different angles .

Image Source: http://www.netgrafik.ch/elektronika-watches-4.htm

I have recently acquired an interesting piece, it is most probably the Elektronika-1 Pulsar factory casing, where the side buttons are not created and the rear case without any inscription.

First Look

Front Case

Rear Case (No Inscription)

Lug Design

Here are the photos for the rough measurement of case diameter and see it for yourself -

Lug To Lug Measurement

Case Diameter Measurement

More photos for your viewing pleasure and judgement if you like -

Front Case Without Plastic Glass

View From The Left

View From The Right (Notice no buttons)

This is definitely bought for collection purpose only, as there's no way to install the movement properly, but it is rare to find such piece since it shouldn't be out of factory in such setting. 

Sleeping Case
Cheers & Enjoy ;)


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